Wholesale Product Line Sheet for Retail Stores

Wholesale Product Line Sheet for Retail Stores

Ok, so by now you should know what wholesale is and you should have figured out a wholesale pricing strategy that works for your company to make money when selling wholesale as well as making sure to keep product pricing in the area that your target customers can afford.

What is the purpose of a line sheet?

  • informs the retailer of  the type of products you have and the variations you have of those products (colour, size, shape, etc)
  • informs the retailer the wholesale price of each product and variation
  • informs the retailer the suggested retail price of each product and variation so they know how much money they should be making on each item
  • informs the retailer of any minimum quantity requirements
  • gives the retailer a thumbnail picture of the products available


How to create a line sheet

Easiest way to create a line sheet is by using an app that is available. There are many available, you just need to pick and choose one that works the best for you.

If you are like me and don't want to pay for an app to create your line sheet, you can do it one of several ways. For our demonstration here, I will be using MS Excel

Start by filling out your headers: 

Next, you are going to fill in the items you have line, by line until you are complete.


After you are done creating your wholesale product line sheet, you will be needing to make a wholesale product catalog to compliment it.

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