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Spelling Spinners

Spelling Spinners

So excited today. Josh, my 9 year old son who has autism, has learned his alphabet so we are now working on sounds. I wanted to create something with real words for him as we are starting with the basics. Hat, cat, sat etc.

It took a while, over 6 hours, but I managed to design a wooden block set. These blocks are placed on a dowel so that when he turns one of the consonants he gets a completely new word.

He and his teachers are loving it. Since posting about it on facebook, we have found more parents and grandparents loving them too. They were a natural fit to our wooden toy store and the beginning of our literary activities in our made to order shop.

If you think your child can benefit from these as well, you can purchase your set here:

Super Hero Villains

Along with his girlfriend Caucus, Politician is at it again and making a mess of the country. Will the Provincial Heroes and Capital City sidekicks be able to stop them in time? Will Politician succeed in making this country into a compete disaster? Only you are able to see into the future from learning the past and help the superheros make the necessary changes in time to avoid chaos. Get your set here.

Ever wonder how Mr. Hedgehog felt about getting hit by the flamingos in the Queen of Heart's garden? Wonder no more....

Ever wonder how Mr. Hedgehog felt about getting hit by the flamingos in the Queen of Heart's garden? Wonder no more....

Mr. Hedgehog is loose and ready to strike back at those nasty pink flamingos who dared to hit him in a game called croquet. Making sure to have all his bristles pointing upward and outward, Mr. Hedgehog cannot wait to roll into those pink flamingos and knock them over similar to how he was tossed around in the Queen of Heart's garden. Using the flamingos as bowling pins is his way of having sweet revenge.

Help him get his revenge here: Mr. Hedgehog's Revenge

Imagination is the Key Ingredient

Imagination is the Key Ingredient

In everything we do, we believe in nurturing a child’s imagination. We believe that imagination holds the key to creating a future with unlimited possibilities. The way we nurture a child’s imagination is by making our products beautifully designed with lots of creative storytelling potential to allow for hours of play and imaginative dreaming.


 With a little bit of imagination added to our storytelling play sets you could be:

- an astronaut flying his spaceship to the moon to eat hamburgers with the Martians

- a rider in a snail race speeding around the bug town of Amanita 

 - going along with Alex on adventures in his closet elevator

 - helping the mermaid queen fend off pirates to keep her ocean creature safe

 - cooking up concoctions in the witch's kitchen

 - helping farmer Mike with his farm




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