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Chore Chart Snails

Chore Chart Snails 0

The short story "Alex and the Snail Race" has inspired a number of cute snail crafts. My favorite is creating snail magnets that kids can use on refrigerator chore charts. 

Supplies Needed:

  • assortment of paints ( for this tutorial we are using light orange, medium orange, dark orange, dark green, light green, yellow, black, white and brown)
  • sanded 1 inch wooden rounds
  • pencil
  • fine liner brush
  • round brush
  • magnets
  • glue



Draw your snail out on the wooden round.


Using the round tip brush, paint the darkest areas of your snail shell with the dark orange. Paint the body of your snail in dark green.


 Using the round tip brush, fill in the gaps between the dark orange with a medium orange colour. It is okay if you overlap. 

Using the round tip brush, go over the middle of the medium orange with light orange to add highlights to the shell.

Using the liner brush, paint a thin brown line in the middle of the dark orange following the swirl. Add little curved lines here and there coming out of the main swirl to help show roundness of the shell.Paint the shell part closest to the snail body with brown.  

Using the round brush, paint bright green on the snail's body, leaving some dark green to show shadows.


Dip the handle of the liner brush in white paint and place two white dots for the eyes. With the brush part of the liner brush, paint some yellow highlights on the body of the snail.



Using the liner brush, paint white dots on the snail shell and snail nose.Paint most of the eye black, leaving a little bit of white peaking through for eye highlights. You may need to go back around the eye with a bit of green to make eyelids. Outline the snail body and eyes in black.


Repeat the steps using different colours for the snail shells on other wooden rounds. When paint is dry, glue a magnet to the back of each snail.