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Tired of unsafe teething toys from overseas? MDH Explore and Learn Teething Toys are made here in Canada and meet toy manufacturing laws of Canada as well as the CPSIA safety standards for teething toys.

Afraid for the safety of our own babies, we studied the toy making laws, & invested in the testing equipment required to ensure they conform to CPSIA/CPSC/Health Canada safety and then made our own wooden teething toys.

Plain and simply, we absolutely do not trust the untested, made in China/Middle East/Russia wooden teething toys. Did you know that there are no safety standards that makers from these countries have to meet when making toys for your baby or making components for your items for your customer's babies? Overseas teething toys may be priced cheap but that is because they are cheap, not compliant and will break easily. 

Would you rather have something cheap that may harm your baby or have a safe, tested and compliant toy?



Gifting a personalized toy is one of the very special ways you can show great love and respect for your little one.

Whether it be a wood burned name on a solid wood toy, choosing special colours that your little one loves or even customizing a toy set around a theme that your little one is currently mesmerized with, we offer you the ability to personalize lots of toys in our lineup. 

And when you gift that personalized toy you put lots of thought and love into, don't be surprised if a very warm and glowing feeling encompasses you as you watch your special little one play with the gift that was received.




Do you love Disney, Marvel, or hockey and want something made to resemble the characters you love? Please do not ask us as we will turn your request down.

We are a company that complies with copyright laws pertaining to licensed characters, logos and trademarks. As per law, no copyrighted/trademarked characters can be made for commercial purposes without licensing agreements. 

We reserve the right to refuse requests for custom items based on copyrighted materials. 

In our war against plagiarism, we have taken a strong stance against recreating other artist's characters and logos. As well, we hold our own registered copyrights on all of our wooden toy designs and enforce our government registered copyrights/trademarks.



Are you looking to make extra incoming by reselling our products? Send us a convo, we would love to chat with you!

Drop shipping is becoming more and more frequent as people are looking for more ways to be able to work from home. We understand this and that is why we have chosen to be known as a manufacturer instead of as a shop owner.

If you are interested in reselling our wooden toys, please feel free to drop us a message with your name, company name, and website. Please don't be offended when we ask you a million questions before handing over our catalog and line order pricing. We ask a million and one questions in order to ensure that you are not a scammer. 

Should you prove to be a legitimate retailer, this may be the start of a wonderful relationship.