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Colourful wooden building blocks are a wonderful starting toy for any child and are great for both imaginative and educational play. Our Geo pattern puzzles are fantastic for children ages 2 through age 8.

Ages 18 months plus will be able to use these blocks first to learn cause and effect as they knock down a tower and watch the blocks fall. Then around age 2-2 1/2 years old they will learn how to stack blocks, first two, then three. One day they will be able to stack all 9 and show you their proud smile excitedly saying "look what I did!"

Around age 3-4 they will start imitating patterns they see. This is a stage where Geo-pattern puzzle blocks can be even more fun. You can take a photo of a pattern you have arranged or a tower you have made and get the child to copy the pattern or tower they see in the photo. But the fun does not stop at this age.

When your child is 5-7 they will learn the basics to mathematics which starts with row patterning. A very basic pattern of alternating repetition in colour in a row is where they usually start basic math. You put 5 blocks in a row and get them to finish your pattern with the remaining 4 blocks. Patterns may start basic, but you can make them as complicated as having a certain colour triangle rotate in a clockwise/counter clockwise pattern as you line the cubes up and then have the child finish with the remaining blocks.

These blocks will also get older ages thinking: what is the total number of patterns can you actually make out of all 9 puzzle blocks. What about out of 4 blocks? or 6? or 8? etc. Algebraic mathematics will be needed to calculate the answer to these type of questions, because in a person's lifetime they will never achieve making all 2 billion plus patterns to be made when using all 9 puzzle blocks in a square.

All of our toys are hand painted with non-toxic acrylic paint and sealed with a couple coats of gloss. This keeps the toys vibrant and completely sealed without having to worry about dye from the colour transferring all over your child if they happen to get the toys wet.

Choose from the set pictured in the listing or choose any two colours of your choice. The third colour of the set will be the natural wood colouring of the blocks. Please message your two choices of colours and their colour code (as shown in colour selection picture) when ordering this product.

Each one of our Geo-Pattern Puzzle Block Sets include:
- 9 cubes 1 1/2 inch cubed (White 301/Black 303 shown)
- 1 canvas bag to keep cubes in
- 1 leaflet of instructions on how to use cubes
- 1 gift box

To add more blocks onto your set or to purchase them individually please choose listing:

Recommended age: 2 years +. You know your child best and if this is the right toy for them.

We are an Eco-conscious company and support sustainable environments. One tree is planted with every purchase in our store, whether online or in person at a market.

Toy conforms to the regulations set out by Government of Canada pertaining to Health Canada's Safety Requirements for Children's Toys and Related Items as well as Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. It also meets with US toy regulations for small batch manufacturers and CE toy standards. Product is self-tested in our home office. Product data sheets available upon request.

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