Build-A-Barn™ Homestead Barn Front and side wall

MDH Wooden Toys


Build-A-Barn™ Homestead comes with 

1 barn front (6 inches x 6 inches)

1 barn side with double windows painted on (4 inch wide by 3 inch high)

This set is a special made to order set that is completely made out of solid wood.It is  hand painted by professional artist MD Handfield with non-toxic acrylic paint and finished with non-toxic gloss. Each set is a unique one of a kind original that is built to last for generations.

Due to the handmade nature of the set please allow 2-3 weeks for completion.

Build-A-Barn™ is available online through manufacterer and in person exclusively at Tack n Things in Beaumont, Alberta


Build-A-Barn™ is a trademark and copyrighted design owned by MD Handfield Designs Inc.

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