Build-A-Barn™ Homestead chicken coop wall

MDH Wooden Toys


Build-A-Barn™ is a unique handmade toy in which each individual wall is used as a block. When these building block walls are put together, they can make various different styles of barns.

The above listing is for the single horse stall wall only. Approx 3 inches long by 3 inches high

The barn side wall is a special made to order item that is completely made out of solid wood. It is hand painted by professional artist MD Handfield with non-toxic acrylic paint and finished with non-toxic gloss. Each set is a unique one of a kind original that is built to last for generations.

Last picture is only used for scale and to show possibilities when used with other components. Sets, walls, animals and people sold separately.

Build-A-Barn™ Homestead Collection Sets and Pieces are available online through manufacturer and in person exclusively at Tack n Things in Beaumont, Alberta


Build-A-Barn™ is a trademark and copyrighted design owned by MD Handfield Designs Inc.

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