MDH Toys™ Cat and Dog Tabletop Bowling Game

M.D. Handfield Designs

SKU: 3334-0012b

Beautiful lathe turned, hand chiseled solid maple bowling pins are made by a contractor of our shop. Professional artist M.D. Handfield then hand paints the solid wood bowling pins into feline tabletop bowling pin characters. These cat bowling pins love to be admired but scatter when a dog comes into their group.

The handmade solid maple cat bowling pins are hand painted with professional grade non-toxic acrylic paint and finished in several coats of professional grade non-toxic gloss. Paint and gloss are odorless, lead-free and made in the USA.

Set includes:
5 cat character bowling pins
1 dog themed bowling ball
1 drawstring bag to put it all in.

Recommended ages:
4 years +. contains small ball. You know your child best and know if this is the right toy for them.

Please note:
This set is made to order. Due to the hand painted nature of the sets, please allow for slight differences. It will be extremely similar, not exact as no two pieces can ever be replicated exactly.

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