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Hours of fun for children and adults alike! MD Handfield Design Studios Classic wooden cup and ball game is another solid wood toy made in our home studio. With the use of various tools, we modify small pots that Smith Woodturnings (a sub-contracted wood turning shop) makes for us. We then add a cut piece of dowel, butcher cotton cording (foodgrade cotton cord made in Canada) and a wooden bead to it. The end result is a classic cup and ball game.

We are now offering these as completely customizable to your preference. Cup, ball and handles can be painted in any of our 32 colour selections or left in the natural wood colouring. A name of your choice can be added in your choice of either black, gold or silver paint pen. All paints, gloss and paint pens are completely non-toxic, water-proof, fade-proof and smudge-proof once the final coat of finish is added.

When purchasing this listing, please put a note as to your colour choice(s) and the name you would like on it. Name can be placed either on handle, cup or on the ball itself - once again, your choice.

Notes to add for us:
1. Colour of cup (colour number or natural wood)
2. Colour of handle (colour number or natural wood)
3. Colour of ball (colour number or natural wood)
4. Personalization (name or names and date if for a wedding favour)
5. Placement of name (on handle, cup or ball)

Overall size: approx 3 1/2 inches. Please allow for slight variance as the dowel is hand cut.

Although glued extremely well, so well that we could not pull it apart, this game has to be classified a potential choking hazard as the ball is considered a small part.

Recommended for ages 4+ or those who no longer mouth their toys. You know your child best and if this is the right toy for them.

Our cup and ball game is compliant to Canadian, American and European Toy Manufacturing Standards. Self tested in our home studio. Safety Data Sheets available upon request.

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