Bright Rainbow Colour Sort and Count - Mushrooms and Bowls Sorting Set

MDH Wooden Toys - Manufacturer Direct


Hand carved mushrooms in bowls are a new product that we have put out with the help of Reuben from A&R Designs. These special mushrooms have been designed to replicate mushrooms found in the wild complete with fringing in the odd few. Hand sanded smooth. No two mushrooms are exactly alike in size. fully painted all sides and glossed. We have 3 shapes that they are designed in. 

The sorting bowls are 1 1/8 inches high by 2 1/2 inches wide which are a perfect size for little fingers to grasp.

All of our toys are hand painted with non-toxic acrylic paint and sealed with a couple coats of gloss. This keeps the toys vibrant and completely sealed without having to worry about dye from the colour transferring all over your child if they happen to get the toys wet.

Comes with 18 tiny mushrooms 3/4 inch in size. Mushrooms are painted to match the bowls. 3 mushrooms of each colour. Items are painted in our following bright rainbow colours:

- lemon citrus
- lime green
- teal
- hot pink
-fun purple

WARNING: Possible choking hazard. Not for children under the age of 4 or for those who still mouth their toys. As with all toys, active supervision recommended.

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