Custom Word Search Game

M.D. Handfield Designs Inc.


Bringing the best of geography, history and the English language, these custom name word search spinners are perfect for word geeks and people who love to learn new and often exciting words used both now and in the past.

We have been able to create custom name spinners with up to 127 words on one spinner. How many real words will you be able to find with in your personalized custom name search word spinner?

[Listing includes]
- 1 spinner with one side spelling your special name

- list of words and their definitions

- spinner's solid wood blocks approx 1.5 inch cubed
- overall length of spinners varies with each name
- hand painted, so no worry of stickers being pulled off
- sealed with certified non-toxic waterproof gloss, so no worries if it accidentally gets wet from a spill.
- easy to clean, just wipe with damp cloth.
- due to design purposes, longer names (7/8/9/10 letter names) may have one blank side on the first block and last block in name

[Recommended age]
- ages 8+ years old (as well as people with special needs who are at the 8+ year old reading level)

[Creation Time]
- 5-7 business days to create.

Licensing Agreements Info:
We have licensed permission by designer of this font to use this font for commercial purposes.

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