Yo-Yo - light purple fish

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Listing is for one yo-yo.

First side is a rainbow fish yo-yo similar to the one pictured.

, When you place an order, we will make and paint this toy especially for you. Please allow for slight variation due to hand painted nature of toy.

Recommended ages 4+

History of the Yo-Yo:

Bandalores have been around for over twenty-five hundred years. In ancient Greece, the toy was made out of wood or terracotta and decorated with pictures of Greek Gods.

In the Philippines bandelores were used for 400 years as a weapon with sharp edges and studs attatched to it.

In the 1920s Pedro Flores, gentleman from the Phillipines moved to California and massed produced bandelores as wooden toys, calling them yo-yos. By 1962 the name yo-yo became a household name and sold over 45 million units that year.

Little known fact: The yo-yo was the first toy ever to be in outer space.


Game conforms to the regulations set out by Government of Canada pertaining to Health Canada's Safety Requirements for Children's Toys and Related Items as well as Canada Consumer Product Safety Act.

This product meets the CE Toy Directive Requirements and is able to be shipped worldwide.


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