Colour sort and count - stacking cups

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These solid wood colour sorting stacking pots are both practical to use and beautiful to look at. Alone, this set of 6 solid wood stacking pots can be stacked in various ways to learn how to balance and learn colour sorting and matching (can hold up to 5 wax crayons in one pot). The little 1 3/4 inch pots fit perfectly into little hands.

In a Waldorf home, these beautiful hand painted stacking pots make a great addition to any play kitchen and can be used as spice pots, bean pots or egg holders. Play is limited only by imagination.

These beautiful handmade, hand painted stacking pots can also be combined with our set of 6 acorns for fine motor skills learning of in and out or combined with our colour sorting peg doll set (the dolls fit perfectly inside). So many options for one great set.

All of our toys are hand painted with non-toxic acrylic paint and sealed with a couple coats of gloss. This keeps the toys vibrant and completely sealed without having to worry about dye from the colour transferring all over your child if they happen to get the toys wet.

This listing is for 6 stacking pots only. Acorns and peg dolls sold separately. Items are painted in our following signature colours:

- red barn (red)
- prairie sky (blue)
- canola (yellow)
- algae (green)
- saskatoon berry (purple)
- tigerlily (orange)

Recommended age 3+

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