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Cute little wood and yarn sensory fidget toy called a Fitz. Handmade wooden bead is painted with non-toxic paint and finished in non-toxic gloss. Yarn is soft 100% cotton and is long enough for children/adults to braid as a fidget toy too.

Comes with two little verses on one laminated card:

side one
Some days you are anxious and need a widget,
This little fitz makes the perfect fidget;

side two
Some days you feel crumby and need to rest,
because you are tired of fixing someone else's mess;
When your blood starts to boil and you are mad as can be
Throw a little fitz like me.

A set of 3 fitz of random colours will be sent when you order your listing. Pictured is some, but not all of the colours we carry.
length approx 6 inches from top of wooden head to tip of yarn tail

SHIPPING: If only purchasing this listing, This item can ship lettermail.

Recommended for ages 4+

Warning: POSSIBLE CHOKING HAZARD - small parts.


Although yarn fits are an age old toy made from a ball of yarn, the idea to make a head out of wood is completely new.

Poem and verse (C)Copyright 2016 M.D. Handfield Designs Inc. Beaumont, Alberta, Canada. All rights reserved.

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