Colour Sort and Count- rainbow berries

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Based on both the Waldorf and Montessori methods, colour sorting sets will assist both toddler and preschooler with early learning and fine motor skills.

All of our toys are hand painted with non-toxic acrylic paint and sealed with a couple coats of gloss. This keeps the toys vibrant and completely sealed without having to worry about dye from the colour transferring all over your child if they happen to get the toys wet.

Use for age 2-3:
~ stacking of pots
~ practicing putting gnomes in and pulling them out
~ matching colours with larger pieces such as large mushrooms, turtles, large eggs, large Christmas trees
~ learning colour names

Use for age 3-4 (or those who no longer mouth their toys):
~ colour matching with smaller pieces such as tiny mushrooms and bugs
~ transferring rainbow berries or rainbow veggie cubes out of the pot and into a sorting bowl using a scoop
~ using the pieces for story telling
~using pieces such as acorns and small eggs in a play kitchen

Some sorting set pieces are small. Please follow age appropriate guidelines as indicated.


This listing:
Comes with pot, lid, scoop and 18 berries - 3 of each colour. Pot is approx. 3 inches wide by 2 inches tall. Scoop approx 3 inches long. Berries 5/8 inch size.

Items are painted in our following signature colours:

- red barn (red)
- prairie sky (blue)
- canola (yellow)
- algae (green)
- saskatoon berry (purple)
- tigerlily (orange)

Age recommendation: 4+

Please note: This set contains small parts and is considered a possible choking hazard. Not intended for those under the age of 4 years or for those who still mouth their toys.

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Our toys have been created and self-tested to make sure they comply with Government of Canada Toy Manufacturing Guidelines

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