Colour sort and count - sea turtles

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Hand painted Waldorf Montessori style wood rainbow sorting sea turtles are a great addition to an educational toy set and an imaginative play set.

These 1 5/8 inch long sea turtles can be sorted, counted, and stacked. They are great for learning colour names and for imaginary play in an ocean themed playset or nature table.

All of our toys are hand painted with non-toxic acrylic paint and sealed with a couple coats of gloss. This keeps the toys vibrant and completely sealed without having to worry about dye from the colour transferring all over your child if they happen to get the toys wet.

Listing is for 6 sea turtles - one of each colour

- red barn (red)
- prairie sky (blue)
- canola (yellow)
- algae (green)
- saskatoon berry (purple)
- tigerlily (orange)

Recommended ages 3+


(c) Copyright 2015, MD Handfield. All rights reserved.
These sea turtles are protected under Canadian copyright laws and are upheld with all the countries participating in the Berne Convention. Do not duplicate or create derived works from these turtles.

Please note:
Our toys have been created and self-tested to make sure they comply with Government of Canada Toy Manufacturing Guidelines

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