MDH Toys™ "Explore and Learn™" Potted Gnomes

M.D. Handfield Designs


Each little person belongs to their own pot. Is this pot theirs or not? Rainbow pot people can sit in their pot, stand on their pot or play by their pot. Their pots stack into pyramids, towers or anything that can be imagined. Do their pots float on water or fly in the air? Play is only limited by imagination.

Rainbow Pot People are 2 1/2 inch high Canadian Maple peg dolls painted in bright professional grade AP Certified non-toxic paint and 2 coats of AP certified non toxic gloss. 1 1/4 inch high pots are painted to match.

Great to use for:

Colour Sorting and Learning
Basic Colours
Say the colour name and have child repeat it
Basic Colour Matching
Have child put the peg dolls in their matching pots
Colour Mixing
Have child sort primary colours from secondary colours.
Primary colours: red, blue yellow
Secondary colours:
orange (red mixed with yellow)
purple (red mixed with blue)
green (yellow mixed with blue)
Colour Opposites
Have child put opposite colours together according to the colour wheel: red is opposite of green, blue is opposite of orange, yellow is opposite of purple

Spatial Learning Recognition
In/Out/Front/Back/ Left/Right/Above/Below
Have child put peg dolls in the proper positions relating to their pots.

Pattern Recognition
Pots can be stacked in various ways. Use the pictures provided and have the child stack the pots in the same way as shown. Then let them be creative and see what other ways they can stack the pots. (4 photos in brochure)

Table Top Bowling
Peg Doll Table Top Bowling
Set the peg dolls up as pins and practice bowling away. Each player rolls 2 balls to try to hit all pins down. Works best if you set them up on one side of a coffee table or dinning room table and roll the balls from the other side. Use the felt mat provided, to protect furniture.

Imaginative play
Children Learn best through imaginative play.
By allowing free play with the set, children can come up with all sorts of ideas on their own of how to play. With the ability to freely explore, you might find yourself being entertained by a circus, pirates or more.

Comes with:
6 rainbow people 2 inches high
6 rainbow pots 1 3/4 inches high
2 wooden balls 1 1/2 inch diameter
1 9x11 felt play mat
1 idea booklet

No small parts. Good for ages 2 and up.

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