Camping Storytelling Rounds

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Storytelling rounds are little pictures hand painted on wooden birch rounds used to create stories.

Here are several ways to use storytelling rounds.

1. Flip over rounds and spread around. Go around the circle and as you pick one, tell a story. Each person tells a few sentences that goes with the story and the picture on the round they chose. 

2. Put rounds in a bag and pick one out. Start the story, each person does one sentance per round. Write down the story as the rounds are picked.

Set comes with however many rounds you choose. These rounds are approx 2.5-3 inches. Please message us with the list of nouns you would like us to make pictures for. 1 noun per round. Rounds come with a drawstring fabric bag. You can use ones pictures, or complete a list of your own.


(please note: girl guide logo used with permission as sample set was a custom request from a girlguide group)

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