peg doll - provincial hero and sidekick VICTORIA & BC

Based in British Columbia, Superhero B.C. and his trusty sidekick Victoria are here to save the day. Victoria and B.C. work relentlessly around the clock to help beached whales, dolphins and other marine animals in distress. They are also known to help the British Columbia coast guards to save ships and people when extra assistance is required.

- one superhero wooden peg doll
- one superhero sidekick wooden peg doll

As MDH peg dolls are turned on our own wooden lathe, we offer several sizes for you to choose from. Please note: any size under 2.5 inches high is not recommended for children under 4 years of age as it is considered a small part.

Peg Dolls are created as both custom and made to order items. Prices vary depending upon style and detail involved.

Please note:

- We do not do replicas of licensed characters as the costs are too high to obtain a license and the penalties are too high to risk.

- We do, however, create peg dolls based on storybooks in the public domain as we have secured the proper licensing for commercial use for these.
(public domain is free for educational and personal use, but require us to pay 25% royalties to use them for commercial works, therefore they cost 25% more to create)


(c) Copyright 2015, MD Handfield. All rights reserved.
These peg dolls are protected under Canadian copyright laws and are upheld with all the countries participating in the Berne Convention. Do not duplicate or create derived works from these dolls.

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