MDH Toys™ "Wonderland" Solid Wood Tabletop Bowling Set

M.D. Handfield Designs

SKU: 3334-0012b

Mr. Hedgehog is loose and ready to strike back at those nasty pink flamingos who dared to hit him in a game called croquet. Making sure to have all his bristles pointing upward and outward, Mr. Hedgehog cannot wait to roll into those pink flamingos and knock them over similar to how he was tossed around in the Queen of Heart's garden. Using the flamingos as bowling pins is his way of having sweet revenge.

Beautiful lathe turned, hand chiseled solid maple bowling pins are made by a contractor of our shop. This set is a creation of Miriam Handfield and has been inspired with licensing permission from current copyright holders of Through the Looking Glass.

• 5 pins, 2 balls of solid wood construction
• Several coats of gloss to protect painted surface from scratching and chipping
• Choice different pin sizes
• Comes with a drawstring bag to put it all in
• Shipped in a clear top gift box ready to gift.
• Built to last for generations

MDH Toys believes in nurturing a child’s imagination through beautifully crafted heirloom quality wooden toys that are both bright and safe. Each piece is made from raw wood turned on a lathe to a finished handcrafted product in either our studio or one of our independent woodworking contractor’s shops. Your children are precious so we also make sure that each one of our toys meet and exceed current government toy manufacturing regulations to keep them safe at play.

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